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Juan Edgardo Rodríguez: September 17, 2018

This my first Top 10, I figured I’d start with a random assortment of tracks I’ve been listening to recently.

1. Mini Trees – “Take in Back” – An impressive slow burner by LA-based new artist Lexi Vega, who’s ambient confessional stays with you long after it’s done.

2. Art Brut – Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! – “There’s a fire in my soul and I can’t put it out,” sneers a rejuvenated Eddie Argos on their triumphant comeback. It’s great to have Art Brut back, and by the sounds of Wham!, he can’t quite contain his fiery return.

3. Few Bits – “It Will Set You Free” – Belgian band’s reverb-laced latest, led by singer-songwriter Karolien Van Ransbeeck, continues their streak of shimmering guitars with some gossamer electronic accouterments. It’s not a new track, but it recently popped up as a 2018 single on my soundcloud so I’ll include it on here.

4. The Field – “Who Goes There” – Alex Willner’s unexpected return sees the minimal electronic musician ever so slightly lightens the darker textures of his past release, The Follower.

5. Brigid Mae Power – “Don’t Shut Me Up (Politely)” – Power’s haunting folk-meet-drone call-to-arms has stuck with me all year.

6. The Sidekicks – “Weed Tent” – A wholesome, summery indie rock anthem that imagines what Tears for Fears would’ve sounded like had they been in a pop-punk band. One of Epitaph’s exceptions to the “punk is better” ethos, and all the better for it.

7. TAMPA – “Teen Age” – Remember what growing up sounds like? LA-based TAMPA may just remind you with their buoyant fusion of finger-picked guitars and stop-and-go rhythms.

8. Petite Noir – “Blame Fire” – The South African singer-songwriter’s protest on immigration boils with a burning passion, his infectious vocal acrobatics fused with eerie synth textures.

9. Teleman – “Cactus” – Squelching electro-pop from the London-based quartet is fun, fun fun.

10. Haiku Salut – “The More and the Moreness” – The Derbyshire, England’s cryptic new single poses more questions than answers, a stunning instrumental that sounds like minimal techno but with a dream-pop bent.


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