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The War & Treaty - Down To The River

19 July 2017

The duo that call themselves The War & Treaty: the name itself represents the pull between trauma and tranquility, music inspired by darkness and despair that ultimately finds a higher spiritual purpose. It’s a sound manifest on the group’s upcoming EP, “Down To The River”

Michael Trotter Jr. says “Growing up in the Bethel SDA Church I can remember my Uncle Zilbert Trotter striking the organ and my Aunt Mable propelling her operatic Soprano voice over a congregation of common folk eagerly awaiting the cleansing power of the water to wash away the sins of a repentant sinner. She’d sing a old hymn called “Take Me To The Water” and I’d love how it made me feel. This moment was so stimulating, so spiritual yet so exciting to me. Though the song itself was sung in a more somber kind of tone I could not ignore the feeling of pride that was bubbling up on the inside of my body. When I sung those lyrics I somehow would find myself in the shoes of the one who was about to submerge himself in this water and we were connected. So goes the song “Down To The River”. The pains of our world can find us all in a repentant state of mind if we simply allow the empathetic natural flow of the human spirit wash over us. Tanya and I felt that America needed a river experience so we gave it to em!”

When you look at the music video for “Down To The River” they hope you see unity. There are moments that may seem reflective of the 1960’s civil rights protest, or some scenes that may remind you of a splish splash party, however one thing is for sure, that you will see togetherness. Shot in the city of Albion, MI the duo wanted to highlight their passion and care love for the city. In this video you will see different kinds of people from all walks of like all promoting the one race that truly makes our world great and that is the Human race.