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The Big Takeover Issue #93

Lou Fleischer

All genre loving, live music attending critic from the midwest. Traveling the US and beyond to catch music. Time off spent in dark dive bars in the Pacific Northwest. Interviews consist of not asking the typical questions and diving deep off path. New passion lies in listening to cassettes, shopping for Walkmans and having dance parties with total strangers.

Wanderingted - I Could Be You

7 December 2018

Wanderingted will catch your attention and not let go.

Michael Rank - I Fell in Love with You Tonight

22 October 2018

Michael Rank seduces With Freaky New Single and Video from new album I Fell in Love with You Tonight

The Ar-Kaics - She’s Obsessed with Herself

24 September 2018

The Ar-Kaics gritty, gnarly, but secretly glamorous 60s punk

Maniac - Dead Dance Club

31 May 2018

Maniac’s Release ‘Dead Dance Club’ Is A Radiant Devotion To Punk Rock

The Smoking Flowers - "Young & Brave"

30 April 2018

Heart-on-sleeves, hardscrabble troubadours The Smoking Flowers.

Conrad The Band

14 December 2017

Meet the listenable Bay Area Duo Conrad The Band

Dylan Hicks - Ad Out

17 October 2017

Sophisticated lyrics and stylistic tunes.

Stubborn Son - North

29 September 2017

Today's Millennial Rockstar, Ayron Jones Is Announced On Theory Of A Deadman Tour

5 September 2017

Seattle’s Ayron Jones Announced On Theory Of A Deadman National Tour

The Knast - Reckless Soul

The Knast - Reckless Soul

28 August 2017

There is a longtime specter haunting the Pacific NW; it is known in every garage and soul club.

Eliot Lipp, Skywave

Eliot Lipp - Skywave (Young Heavy Souls)

16 June 2017

Austin-based musician Eliot Lipp preps the release of Skywave.