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Video premiere: "The Seal" by Malheur VOL

Robert Park
7 August 2015

Korean musician and humanitarian Robert Park‘s extraordinary life has been chronicled before on this site, and does not bear repeating here; suffice to say, the man is a hero.

Today, Park, a/k/a Malheur VOL, releases his fourth music video, for “The Seal.” The video features artwork created by one of Robert’s most admired artists, Karen Licher of Independent Project Press of Bishop, California. The haunting video, produced and edited by Park, Matthew Bahng, and Ruth Kim, all based in Korea, also depicts the convalescence and maturation of a dearly beloved chick which in infancy was more fragile than its siblings, to the extent where its survival was in question. To Park, the chick “exemplifies the inviolable dignity of all life, and the portrayal of the chick’s growth and recovery serves as a moving allegory concerning love’s limitless capacity to bring healing, hope and renewal to even the bleakest situations.”

Correspondingly, the song, which was composed by Park in 2011, “communicates a deep-seated hunger and longing for wholeness and for peace; its lyrics springing from a kind of reverie Park had based on the real-life entreaties of friends and loved ones to have grace for oneself and to accept that there should be a time for rest and recuperation in spite of the overwhelming suffering and compelling needs which surround us.”

Just lovely. Watch and listen.


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