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John Wombat - Rock ‘N’ Roll Resurrection!!! Queenage Baby & Beyond: The Authorised Biography of Jayne County (Independently Published)

23 May 2020

Writer John Wombat is relatively new on the scene. His books follow a thread of all things punk, and an era that defined music. Since his first release, 2018’s The Cramps, Beast and Beyond: A Book About Bryan Gregory received acclaim for a debut, he followed it up nicely with similar outings surrounding The New York Dolls, The Stooges, and The Damned. Now, this year he has just released his most engaging and daring piece of work, Rock ‘N’ Roll Resurrection!!! Queenage Baby & Beyond: The Authorised Biography Of Jayne County

It is everything you wanted to know about Jayne County, but were afraid to ask. A book such as this, is a holy grail for those seeking adventure, whilst also containing absorbing tales of seventies punk, and fearless heroes. That is at the very core of this narrative -fearlessness. Those unaware of the impact of Jayne are in for a history lesson, a worthwhile one. When you think of seventies rock superstars’ Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and David Bowie, County is as important in the scheme of things, as all of those.

Dave Davies (Kinks): She was very cutting edge, even for the time. Myself and Ray (Davies) were both fans of hers and what she was trying to do. She had a humour as well, which was a big thing, like there was with the Kinks. Also, being rebellious and trying to wake people up a little bit. I think Jayne mixed humour and rebellion really well. I was a big fan of her records, like ‘If You Don’t Want To Fuck Me, Fuck Off’, that always makes me smile. 

This book chronicles her early life in a small Georgia town (at times a harsh account). Then of course she was known as Wayne Rogers. Leaving there to find freedom to become the person she has in New York City. With close relationships with Jackie Curtis, Andy Warhol, appearing in Pork on the stage. Then known as Wayne County, her rise within the rock community is one which is both legendary and inspiring. With her bands Queen Elizabeth, The Electric Chairs (a personal favourite), and a time spent under the wing of Bowie’s  Mainman, which left her broken and penniless. Her own sound ripped to shreds and rebuilt to become Bowie’s seminal Diamond Dogs tour (Wayne at the Trucks). 

The story of her rise to icon status, and being rock’s first openly transgender singer, is one unequalled by many. Truthfully, Jayne gave a voice to those who were afraid to step out of the shadows and declare their inner struggles. Punk is a music which does not judge, and therefore was the perfect vehicle for Jayne to attach herself to. This is an absorbing tale which John tells respectfully. With a comprehensive discography, and tour information, this covers alot of ground across 378 pages. Jayne’s autobiography, written with Rupert Smith is due to be republished in 2021 with added content. A perfect companion to what John Wombat has accomplished here. Jayne is an exceptional subject, she is man enough to be a woman. 

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