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Globe trotting, glossy pop: inside the world of Rachael Blanche

10 May 2023

Can we begin with a bit of background information? How did you get into music, and can you tell me a little about the journey that brought you to where you are today?

I always remember singing, and in Primary school, they would get me to sing a solo song at assembly each week in front of the school, which led to a demo song when I was 11. Then I got into singing lessons and musical theatre and working with producers, songwriting, and singing in studios when I was a teenager. I’ve just always loved the whole process.

In recent years, you have been working with Stuart Stuart. How does the process work, and what does he bring to your music?

Stuart is the best; we have a lot of fun together, we both really love this style of music. Sometimes he sends me folders of backing tracks he already has, and I might find something on there to write to, and then we change the production to suit the song, which is what we did with “Translator.” Other times I’ve sent him a voice memo of a song, acapella, and we build it from scratch.

You split your time between London, Brisbane, and LA. What do you like about each one? Does your life differ depending on the city you find yourself in?

LA & Brisbane feel very similar to me, with lots of outdoor restaurants and bars and hiking. London is completely different, and I love it; I’m actually relocating in a few weeks! I’ve definitely found more people who are making the music I want to make in London, so I’m excited to see what comes about!

Musically, you fit into a glossy, modern, pop-R&B vibe. Was that planned, or did it just come out that way when you started making music?

This is just so natural for me; I’ve never gone into a session ‘trying’ to sound a certain way; this is just the music I love and the music I love to make. So, thank you!

And who are some of your influences, musically and perhaps otherwise?

I listen to a lot of music and so many genres. I’ve been a Taylor Swift fan from day one and a huge Eminem fan; he’s always been my top artist each year. Growing up, I used to go through cd covers and see who wrote my favorite songs, and so often, it was Max Martin & Shellback I couldn’t have been more than eight, and I’ve wanted to work with them ever since. They’re probably my greatest musical influence.

The current single Translator is an excellent upgrade on the traditional song about relationships. How did it come about, and what does the song mean to you?

Thank you! One of my friends had sent a screenshot to our group chat of a conversation with a guy she was talking to online and asking us to help decode what he meant. This often happens as well, and it’s pretty funny because it’s always the same thing, ‘I like him, I think this could be something, but I’m confused… can you help me figure out what he means’. And the song flowed really naturally from there, and I have so many guy friends who relate as well; it just feels like a really universal experience in this age of dating.

And what next for you, both musically and in your personal life?

I just sold the Cafe that I started 8.5 years ago, and I’m moving to London! So, a lot, actually! We’re going to film the next music video in the next three weeks, I’m in a really exciting chapter of life, and I can’t wait to see where life takes me.