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Shooting The Moon: A brief chat with Jeshua Marshall

16 July 2023

Hi Jeshua. Let’s start with a bit of background. You have embraced and been inspired by many different music styles in your life, from folk to Hendrix to punk and more. What is your musical journey to date?

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of bluegrass like Nickel Creek, Punch Brothers, Doc Watson and Tony Rice.

How much of those past sounds and experiences still resonate in the sound you make today or how you perform?

I think they laid the foundation for all I do, whether it’s conscious or not.

You took the brave move to release your debut solo album, Shoot the Moon, amid the pandemic. How hard was it to promote an album that you couldn’t tour?

It wasn’t easy to promote it. I think not being able to tour on it was definitely a hindrance to giving it legs.

Were there any positives to this situation?

Being stuck at home was positive in a lot of ways. I had never been at home that much since I was a kid. It gave me a lot of time to write music. I wrote hundreds of songs during the pandemic.

How would you describe the sound you make as a solo artist, and how representative is the latest single, “Water”, of it?

It’s not easy for me to describe my own sound because I study and write in a lot of different genres. Lately, I’ve been enjoying calling it “Post-Genre”, haha.

Does that carry through your forthcoming second album, The Flood?

Yes, songs on The Flood sound like straight-up reggae and songs sound like country and folk punk. I love so much music I can’t really stay in one style.

Is home in the studio or on stage?

Stage for sure, but covid taught me how to thrive in the studio.

And with tour dates looming, are there any venues and cities you have missed performing in?

Yeah, I miss playing in NYC, Chicago, and Atlanta, as well as lots of small towns all over the place.

Are there any new locations you look forward to visiting and playing?

Yes, I love going to new places and meeting folks I’ve never met before.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me