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Album Premiere: The Endangered Species by The Endangered Species

The Endangered Species
18 October 2019

Robin and Wade of The Endangered Species – Photo courtesy of The Endangered Species

Atlanta-based (by way of Arizona) rock ‘n’ roll band The Endangered Species release their powerful and personal debut self-titled album today, October 18th and The Big Takeover is proud to host the stream of the LP in its entirety.

At the core of The Endangered Species are the Divver brothers, Robin and Wade, who have had to endure tragedy and loss in their lives. Their music is raw and authentic – and stems from experience: On February 12th, 2001, their father was brutally murdered by the Sinaloan drug cartel. The only living memory the brothers have of their father were his most prized possessions: a 1983 Fender Stratocaster and a 1967 Gibson SG.

Eight years later, inspired by their life experiences and their passion to see the world change for the benefit of all species, he Divver brothers officially started their band The Endangered Species. And they are more than just a band. The brothers have created a movement for raising awareness, elevating the consciousness, and sparking positive action in their listeners.

If humans do not become more conscious of their impact on the earth, then other species that exist and future generations of humans will become extinct. The Divver brothers urge fans to stand up and change the world for the better, and not to not be mindless sheep used as pawns in a society ruled by powerful corporations and/or corrupt, greedy individuals.

It’s this voice – that of the people who have been forgotten and left behind, and their awakening to the possibilities – that shines through on the album. It’s time to demand positive change. The pair live by the motto, “Try to save a life a thousand years away, it starts with a change inside yourself.”

The Endangered Species tells a tale of loss, hardship, and redemption. It was produced by music industry veteran, Joey Huffman (Izzy Stradlin, Soul Asylum, Drivin n Cryin). The captivating run of songs traverse the classic American musical landscape, treading through rock ‘n’ roll, blues, Americana, and folk territory with heartfelt vocal urgency, keenly insightful lyrics, and masterfully wrought compositions. Each track is stamped with a rich, vintage vibe circa the folk-rock ’70s and alt-rock ’90s.

The Divver brothers kick off the LP with the rousing and groovin’ blues-rocker “Magic Man” and then head for “Promise Land”, a foreboding, nocturnal number that blends Western Americana with alt-rock grit.

Filled with trembling organ press, the alt-folk lament “Faded” features ruefully emotive vocals and poignant lyrics about love lost with the mourning refrain, “I’m sure that I’ll regret / never changing / I’m reminded of our love / now that it’s fading.”

The reflective “Mirror On The Wall” is another folk-leaning track that dances on delicate guitar lines, but is freighted with heavily ruminative vocals. The brothers amp up the alternative rock on the dangerously whirling and lyrically relevant “World Gone Mad.”

Fluid guitar lines flow through the darkly dreamy “A Thousand Years Away”, which recalls prime alt-‘90s, rock ballads by Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. The restless “Sleepless Nights” showcases lyrics that cut both ways (“I’m livin’ for today / I’m not waitin’ around / for tomrrow.”) and features a surprise, and welcome, socio-politically-oriented rap in the middle of it.

Quasi-dirge “Dead Silence” sweeps upwards on the chorus sections with fervent vocals and pronounced drum strikes, while the smooth “Heart Breaker” glows with subdued keyboard notes, expressive guitar-playing (which is found throughout the album), and a measured drum beat.

Mellifluous acoustic guitar circles around rich and thoughtful vocals on album-ender “Widow’s Son”. Keening keyboard notes and a weighted pace create a contemplative space for lyrics that question the experience of living in all its pain, joy, hardship, beauty, and mystery: “Is it a blessing or is it a curse?”

Their new LP arrives just in time for their father’s birthday, and it’s also a tribute to his life. The band name was originally used by the Divver brothers’ parents in the late ’80s early ’90s. Their father wrote songs and performed out at live venues. Tired of trying to keep bands together, he got their mother to be the bass player. They called themselves The Endangered Species and inscribed it on all of their gear.

When the brothers inherited all of the equipment a lot of it already had the band name on it. They made the decision to carry on the band name as it fit the message that they wanted to portray through their music – to promote a bigger message of compassion, love, triumph, and change for the betterment of all lives.

The brothers delve into the details of their new album, revealing, “The Endangered Species self-titled debut album has something for everyone, drawing inspiration from life experiences, observations of the world we live in, and vulnerability. The album takes you on a journey through a plethora of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. This record has songs of revolution, pro-peace, anti-war, raised consciousness, heartbreak, defeat, chasing your dreams, desperation, loneliness, and brokenness, and healing. From elements of classic rock, to blues, to southern rock and country, to funk, to hip hop, to alternative, The Endangered Species album is a melting pot of inspiration.”