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Album Premiere: WaxFeet EP by WaxFeet

26 November 2020

WaxFeet – Photo courtesy of WaxFeet

Santa Cruz, CA-based duo Waxfeet’s unorthodox tracks transcend the Chill genre. These atmospheric electro-acoustic wonderlands roll out like ethereal tapestries woven by a downtempo Dionysus. This is a universe where tremolo guitars grapple with Indian flutes and breezy breakbeats tango with Neo-classical strings.

It’s interesting to note that both members of WaxFeet studied music and computer science and seem to have found a sweet spot, milking organic sounds into an all-immersive digital experience.

Lead single “Steve’s Old Guitar” pairs a lazy back porch melody with a school yard breakbeat, landing somewhere between Cut Chemist and J Dilla, while EP closer “Holding On” employs the kind of dusty percussion and lush piano lines that made Ta-ku a SoundCloud sensation.

WaxFeet ยท WaxFeet EP by WaxFeet

‘Waxfeet’ is a word derived from surfing terminology, which suits their brand of liquid-flow electronica. The whole record cultivates a bit of a bleached-out beach vibe that is clearly intended to act as a de-stressing agent.

But WaxFeet don’t sacrifice innovation for the sake of accessibility. Their debut EP lulls the listener along, but often challenges them to decipher where exactly they are going.