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NEWS: Canadian rock & roll band Star Collector have released new album

Star Collector
28 April 2021

Star Collector – Photo Credit: Jan Heuninck

Star Collector is a Mod-influenced rock & roll band from Vancouver, BC. They have toured Canada, the U.S, and Europe, playing The Cavern (Liverpool) & The Borderline (London) with stops in England, Scotland, Germany & The Netherlands. To date, they have recorded 5 albums with producers Garth Richardson (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Catherine Wheel, 54-40), Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath, Northern Pikes), and Evan Foster (Boss Martians, Dirty Sidewalks, The Sonics); and released 4 videos. Fun Fact: 18 (!) different people have played bass with Star Collector over the years!

Star Collector’s latest album, Game Day, which came out on February 15th, was produced by singer/songwriter/guitarist Vic Wayne, engineered by drummer/vocalist Adrian Buckley, and features Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath, Northern Pikes) and Evan Foster (Boss Martians, Dirty Sidewalks, Sonics). It is available on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms (ie: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon). CDs are available through Kool Kat Musik and Jam Records.

Game Day has been getting plays in Canada, US, UK, Australia, Spain, Sweden, and Netherlands, and has charted on many Radio Indie Alliance stations. In fact our very own Jack Rabid on his The Big Takeover Radio Show has been championing it since its release.

Various songs have been featured on compilation albums/playlists worldwide; and the album has had great press on I Don’t Hear A Single, Power Popaholic, Say It With Garage Flowers, Power Pop News, Sweet Sweet Music, Poprock Record, and Goldmine Magazine, to name a few.

About the song “Rip It Off” and its accompanying music video, songwriter Vic Wayne says, “The song “Rip It Off,” for all its cowbell, fist-pumping flash, and riff-y splendor, is also damn serious. It’s about climbing up the icy mountain of expectations, then sliding back down into darkness and chaos… and the masks we all wear. I found a brilliant quote, which we used on the album sleeve: “The Japanese have three faces. The first face you show to the world. The second face you show to your close friends and family. The third face, you never show anyone” (Unknown).” That’s “Rip It Off” right there. The video, which our guitarist (a budding Tarantino), Steve Monteith, put together is performance-based and an energetic ride, but it also alludes beautifully to the lyrical content; just without hitting you over the head with it.”

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