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NEWS: Ethno-Metal outfit Manntra summons haunting Balkan vibes on "Barren King" single

2 March 2021

Manntra – Photo Credit:

Sensational and mystical folk-rock outfit Manntra have announced they will release their new album Monster Mind Consuming via German label NoCut Entertainment.

Today we present the latest offering from this collection of epic emotion-filled folk-metal offerings. ‘Barren King’. Epic, powerful and full of pain, this song offers a potent taster of the dark and melodic delights that make this a surprising and courageous album.

This artist ought to appeal to the adventurous-spirited listeners of such bands as Wardruna, Heilung, Metallica, SKÁLD, MONO INC. and even those dark lords known as Rammstein.

This song is saga-like, conveying the pain of the Barren King, who is forever cursed to sail the cold, dark sea. He seeks (in vain) a cure for his torments. He is the king of outsiders, having nothing but his heart and his faith. He refuses to give up, continuing to forge forward, full of hope in finally experiencing salvation. With epic choirs, this song captivates with its beguiling folk-rock sounds, pulling you under its spell without any chance of escaping.

Monster Mind Consuming is the band’s second English-language album. Here, Croatian folk influences merge with metal and industrial to create a perfectly staged, highly independent musical symbiosis. These songs all have what it takes to reach a new dimension in the dark circus. The band’s debut album Horizont was released in 2012, following by Venera (2015), Meridian (2017) and Oyka! (2019).

“This is essentially a war album. A battle cry for life. It covers topics like fear, war, being strong and going through a difficult time or heartbreak, being a slave to your fears and being set free in the end. It’s a war against your own insecurities; a war against yourself – and we want you to win this fight! It’s about every single fan and listener of the album. It’s an album by people for people,” says Manntra vocalist Marko M. Sekul, who also produced the album.

“We gave this album our all. We created different songs, tried new things with production and wrote the most intense and darkest songs ever. For me, this is the real face of Manntra – A dark journey through folk, industrial and gothic.”

Written collectively by the band members, this is a harmonious representation of all five members. With their unmistakable sound, Manntra has to be experienced live. A little Rammstein and a little Eisbrecher with a Balkan touch in the style of System of a Down. Summoning a storm of excitement, their music has enormous earworm potential.

The ‘Barren King’ single is available everywhere online. The full Monster Mind Consuming album will be released on March 26 and can already be pre-ordered on CD HERE and as a limited fanbox HERE

Marko M. Sekul – lead vocals
Maja Kolarić – bass, backing vocals
Andrea Kert – drums
Boris Kolarić – guitar, bagpipe, backing vocals
Marko Purišić – guitar, backing vocals

Earlier, the band released album singles ‘Slave’ and ‘Ori Ori’, casting a real thunderstorm of sound, and ‘Voices of The Sea’, with its more traditional bent. Enjoy them here:

NoCut Website