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NEWS: Mysterious musician 1st Base Runner unveils moody music video

1st Base Runner - "Break Even"
20 July 2021

1st Base Runner – “Break Even”

Hailing from Austin, Texas, but sounding as if inhabiting the inner recesses of the mind and the unfathomable reaches of sound, the musical entity 1st Base Runner has been gaining acclaim for his mysterious and atmospheric compositions.

1st Base Runner is the project of seasoned musician and producer Tim Husmann, who, working alongside renowned director Matt Mahurin (Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, Alice in Chains) and creative director Dilly Gent (Radiohead), has recently released reflective and compelling music videos for tracks off his upcoming debut solo album.

Titled Seven Years of Silence, the absorbing and transporting LP arrives on July 30th via Souvenir Sound. Ahead of the drop comes the third single, “Break Even,” and its moody accompanying music video.

The cinematic video is directed by Matt Mahurin and features an animated storyline of escape and empowerment through music. The potent narrative is intercut with footage of a heartfelt Husmann performing the song.

“Break Even” has deep meaning, which Husmann says, “…is about the expectations other people place upon us in life. This could and should include life partners, parents, and authoritarian figures in general.”

“It is written from the perspective of an adolescent trying to find meaning in the world. It attempts to reconcile the void between what is often given as advice and the underlying truths of what it means to be human and to be at peace with one’s existence.”

“This is also intertwined with other people’s interpretations of a vengeful creator and the pitfalls of projecting anger on the behalf of a deity. The instrumental sections of the song are intended to carry the listener away and into the deeper chasms of meaning and purpose.”