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Song Premiere: "Dance Alone" by Darwin

26 May 2020

Darwin – Photo Credit: Mila Reynaud

California-based solo artist Darwin, known to fans of dark alternative pop, presents his new single, called ‘Dance Alone’. Hailing from Santa Rosa, this feel-good offering is a welcome addition to 2020’s sound library, not to mention ushering in a summer that should be (in a good-case scenario) full of positive emotions and experiences, lived out to music like this.

Indeed, this is a track that does make you want to dance and, at the same time, whiz through the corridors of one’s mind, skimming for similar past experiences involving sweet brushes with euphoria.

‘Dance Alone’ comes not long after his We Are Matter EP (February, 2020) and So Few Comets LP (2020). The latter release saw Darwin collaborate with such music luminaries as David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets), Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes), Brian Liesegang (Nine Inch Nails, Filter, Billy Corgan), and Kerry Brown (Smashing Pumpkins).

Written by Darwin (full name Darwin Meiners), this song was performed and recorded together with Julian Shah-Tayler (a.k.a. The Singularity), who also handled production and mixing. It was mastered by Zeus- and Grammy-award-winning producer Robert Margouleff (DEVO, Stevie Wonder) at The Nest Studio in Hollywood.

The seductive, yet ruminative track features a slowly shuffling drum reverberations, shining synths that twist into effervescent shapes, and a fluid bass line that, along with the reflective vocals, add a shadowy circumspection to the otherwise lighter sonic buoyancy.

““Dance Alone” was written before the current stay-at-home orders and was not meant to be related in any way. Initially, this was to be a song about regret and moving on but it soon morphed into something else. Despite its somber lyrics, I find hope and happiness in the freedom to simply be one’s self regardless if they are alone or not. Sometimes it’s much easier to do when you’re along, in fact,” says Darwin.

By assimilating new ideas, processes and instrumentation into his work, Darwin continues to advance as an artist. Often found collaborating with renowned similar-minded artists, his alternative pop sound has a dark, electronic feel rooted in the ’80s.

Informed via ethereal introspection, Darwin’s music takes the listener on a sonic voyage that blurs the boundaries between nostalgia and the future. His stunning electronically-driven arrangements that are often complimented with visual art projections that reflect the signs of our times and remind us how rare beauty can be. His work commands attention.

As of June 1, ‘Dance Alone’ will be available everywhere digitally, including Bandcamp

Written by Darwin
Produced + Mixed by Julian Shah-Tayler
Performed + Recorded by Darwin and Julian Shah-Tayler
Mastered by Zeus and Margouleff at the Nest Studio, Hollywood Ca.

DarwinDance Alone

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