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Song Premiere: "So Down" by Indoor Creature

Indoor Creature
5 May 2021

Indoor Creature – Photo Credit: JB Bergin

Formed in 2015, Indoor Creature has grown from a duo to a pack of six, and together the Austin, Texas-based band has played over 100 shows and two national tours.

Their distinctly dreamy, jazz- and R&B-inspired indie bedroom pop sound artfully contrasts lyrics that tackle topics most pop songs don’t dare to wrestle with. They explore feelings associated with growing up , respond to current events, and delve into their dreams, all things you’d do with a good friend while lying on the floor, staring upward.

In this room, the floor and the ceiling are Indoor Creature, grounding you to reality while simultaneously inviting you to think of what could be.

The band will release their third album, Living in Darkness via The Record Machine at some point this year.

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the mellow and tuneful “So Down,” a copacetic track off the upcoming LP.

Warbly Rhodes Suitcase keyboard, laid-back fingerstyle bass, crisp intimate vocals, muffled vinyl-esque drums, and ambient textures all envelop the listener in a mixture of nostalgia, moments of weightless resolution, and mystery in “So Down.”

The song is interestingly constructed in a repeating harmonic rhythm that perfectly parallels the seemingly endless feeling of being caught in an inconclusive negative-feedback headspace.

Somewhat akin to artists such as Washed Out, Early Toro Y Moi, and Bibio, Indoor Creature is onto a sound that is unique and refreshing.

In the forefront to their developing sound is their honesty in the form of direct, universally felt lyricism. There’s a certain level of reconciliation with yourself through the song and offered comfort that everyone has felt some form of an ache in their bones from anxiety or impatience building into a restless state of feeling down.

While everyone has different means of coping to the intensity and range of complexity in their emotions, Indoor Creature offers some consolation. The hope is that that tomorrow will be better, especially with a listen to this song – but for the time being, don’t get out from under the blanket of “So Down.”

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