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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Song Premiere: "Wherever The Hammer Falls" by Christian O'Connor

Christian O'Connor
11 May 2021

Christian O’Connor – live – Photo Credit: R.Christian

This latest release from Christian O’Connor is steeped in rock and blues traditions but also feels very much of the moment and perfectly up to date. A tasteful blend of freshness and familiarity, past glories and forward-thinking exploration.

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of his latest sonic creation, which, as its author admits, grew out of an improvised jam, one where his intention was to write an instrumental piece that could be used to open concerts with the power trio that he fronts live.

But somewhere along the line, this developed into a more song-orientated piece and despite having minimal, if anthemic, lyrics, it took its place as a song in its own right. Whether as an opening live salvo to set the mood or an upbeat and energetic song, it neatly conveys what Christian O’Connor does, and does superbly.

Technical guitar lines mix with anthemic melodies, rock traditions find new modern outlets, blues nostalgia gets a new lease of life, there is even room for a gospel choir to add texture and vocal tone, and it all acts as the perfect calling card for the man and his music.

To this, he has added a self-produced video, one that both reinforces his not inconsiderable talents but also does so in a real, grassroots and honest way. Who needs flashy, overproduced videos when the best advertisement of all is just seeing a musician do what they do best?

A great song and a fun video. And lyrically what does it all mean? Well, feel free to work that out for yourself.