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Video Premiere: "Atoms Form" by Truth & Salvage Co.

18 October 2022

“Atoms Form is about how profound and beyond comprehension the earth experience is. About how our scope on life is only as long as the length of our days, and how quickly it all goes by.” —Scott Kinnebrew

A good idea is a good idea no matter when someone picks it up. So, it’s fitting that an outfit known for finding rubies in the rubble would get around to dusting off the ol’ Truth & Salvage Co. Originally formed jamming at Crane’s Hollywood Tavern in 2005, the band has been on hiatus since 2015 after releasing their second album and years of heavy touring. But, Pick Me Up, wasn’t the sophomore release originally planned.

In February 2012, the band went into the studio with producer Rob Schnapf, the intuitive, guiding hand behind Elliott Smith’s XO and Figure 8, Beck’s Mellow Gold, and standout works by Guided By Voices, Dr. Dog, The Whigs and more.  Two months later, Truth & Salvage Co. emerged with a 14-song cycle – exquisitely carved, emotionally immediate, pop-savvy, country-kissed rock akin to Schnapf’s work with Smith with a vibe copacetic to Aimee Mann, 70s Beach Boys, and The Mother Hips.  What it wasn’t was The Band 2.0 or a 21st century Eagles, throwback concepts that saddled Truth & Salvage Co. from the start. Management and the label rejected the record and made the band take two more swings at an album they’d accept.

After touring the self-produced Pick Me Up for two years, the six-piece, multi-singer-songwriter unit split to the four winds, starting new musical projects, founding worldwide online magic communities, teaching music at the Episcopal School of Acadiana, becoming a landscape architect, set dressing films, and more. But, Scott Kinnebrew (vocals, lead guitar), Tim Jones (vocals, guitar), Bill “Smitty” Smith (vocals, drums), Walker Young (vocals, piano), Dean Moore (bass) and Adam Grace (vocals, keyboards) never lost touch or the itch to make beautifully crafted, good time rock ‘n’ roll together.