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Video Premiere: "Slow Down" by Lunar Twin

Lunar Twin - Photo Credit: Frank Sarafin
27 April 2020

Lunar Twin – Photo Credit: Frank Sarafin

Lunar Twin is an atmospheric downtempo duo made up of Bryce Boudreau and Christopher Murphy. Boudreau, the project’s vocalist and songwriter, is a Los Angeles native who currently resides in Hawaii, while multi-instrumentalist/producer Chris Murphy lives in Salt Lake City.

They will release their latest album, Ghost Moon Ritual, on April 27th. Ahead of the LP’s arrival, Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the video for the mesmerizing “Slow Down.”

Ghost Moon Ritual is a more spare album that Lunar Twin’s previous output, but the ruminative emotions and mood are kept intact. The LP is a song-cycle influenced by redemption, hope, failure, and endurance.

Bourdreau and Murphy spent the past three years writing and recording the album, and during that time several people close to them have passed away bringing a heavy mood to the proceedings. During this period, two beautiful children were born as well, bringing with them a reminder of the joy that still exists and endures.

Realizing that all there is is ‘now’ and that the outside world at large seems to be teetering more and more on the edge of a cliff, they immersed themselves in the creation of a lyrically deep and thoughtful album that channels their grief, hope, and joy.

On this outing Lunar Twin blend their cosmopolitan dreamwave and ambient chill ambience with elements of psych-folk, desert noir, and heartfelt dirges.

“Slow Down” is a contemplative reverie, full of memories, gently ponderous vocals, and a measured pace, which are lightened by the fizz of effervescent synths.

The hypnotic and natural-world video for “Slow Down” was directed by Juana Lopez. The vid clip’s footage was taken from found Super 8 films of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. Perpetually swaying seascapes with cresting waves glinting in the sun are juxtaposed with arid desert landscapes dotted with spiny Joshua Trees. It’s a vista to get lost in and to revisit.

Pre-order Ghost Moon Ritual at Bandcamp