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Video Premiere: "TLQ" by Jordi Up Late

Jordi Up Late
13 September 2021

Jordi Up Late – “TLQ” video still – Photo Credit: Dolly Ave

Today, LA-based pop dynamo Jordi Up Late shares a brand new single entitled “TLQ,” alongside her first live-action music video. The track comes in anticipation of her eventual forthcoming debut, serving as a follow-up to a handful of her previous singles including “IDRK” and “Back In LA,” both of which received acclaim across the board.

An R&B-infused romp, silky smooth and still razor sharp, “TLQ” has bite to it, while still coming across as the sort of tune you’d listen to while on a Girls Night Out. In essence, Jordi’s demeanor throughout the track is unapologetically blunt as she describes her up-front nature, no-bullshit attitude, and unwillingness to skirt around her point — she says what she thinks, and feels how she does, without feeling like she needs to explain herself.

As the song continues, she can balance on the line between nice and mean as she sings, “When I’m sweet, those words are like honey / And if you think I’m cruel, it’s not ugly / And I know you’re feeling low, it’s not funny / Hey, but I want you to know, I’m not sorry.”

The track’s accompanying music video sees Jordi in an aesthetically pleasing, pastel-coated world, which perfectly accompanies the track’s sickly sweet musical blueprint, in spite of its truly strong-willed backbone on a lyrical basis.

On the track’s origins, Jordi Up Late says: “I don’t remember the context but one of my friends titled me the ‘tough love queen’ over text and I knew that had to be a hook. ‘TLQ’ perfectly describes my personality. I’m a straight shooter with a really big heart. I’ll tell you what you need to hear but I’ll also be there for you when you cry about it. I’m very unapologetic about being blunt, because it comes with being my most genuine self. Of course brutal honesty can get me into trouble sometimes, but it’s served me in all my relationships both platonic and romantic. People know where I stand.”

Despite being in the early stages of her career, Jordi is poised to keep in stride with her fellow peers and indie-pop contemporaries, and this new track is sure to help cement her status as One to Watch, if not simply because she demands to be noticed.