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Video Premiere: "The Bomb" by Emily Duff

2 December 2022

Set inside the spaceship of a low budget Italian Sci-Fi film from 1977 called “Cosmos: War of the Planets”, Emily Duff’s melodramatic and playful video for her new single, THE BOMB feels like a quirky, exciting episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. As the story aboard the spaceship plays out from one scene to another; disaster, romance, aliens, plague, fist fights and more, Duff dances, sings, plays guitar and goofs off on all the ship’s monitors, thanks to film editor, Skip Duff.

Always the merry prankster, Duff brings her pithy, tongue-in-cheek facetiousness to the video echoing the song’s core message: “Although times might get rough, chill out, loosen up your butt cheeks and smell a flower. And please, don’t let fear guide your decisions.”

“time moves on so you better not get upset
look at star-crossed lovers, Romeo & Juliet
two crazy kids who hit the alarm
but did they really have to freak and get gone
Settle down darlin’
nobody’s dropping the bomb.”

Duff’s intention to create a light-hearted, low-budget, high-spirited romp in outer-space, set to a satirical rock song about the end of the world, during a pandemic, kicks the hell out of subtle. Something Duff is NOT. Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, THE BOMB is the first single off Duff’s new 4-song EP, TONIGHT, out 11/22/22.