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Video Premiere: "You Are the Sound" by Pam Risourié

16 December 2022

Isolation and anxiety at the early stages of a global pandemic prompted those with an urge to create to break out the iPad and delay pedals and get to work over the last couple years; and the algorithm is (mostly) better for it. However, before all this, France’s Pam Risourié were already crafting their sound. Today, the pre-pandemic baby is grown up and on display with their new single “You Are the Sound.” While the production alludes to its influences, even with a mastering credit to Slowdive’s Simon Scott, it would be remiss to file under the convenient “darkgaze” category. “The dreamy texture begins with the songs’ chord progressions themselves,” singer/guitarist Remi shared about the band’s artistic vision. So, yes, while the band cites My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth as their influences, the track is burgeoning with emotional context within the composition itself. It feels like every chord is, well, the right chord. Remi’s sense of melody serves the song in a way that I think many shoegaze/dreampop/darkwave bands don’t always utilize and it’s just one of the things that separate them from the pack. While a lot of similar projects experience success in building atmosphere, Pam Risourié’s sonic format is one that serves their songs best. While playlisters and curators are out there looking for the bells and whistles to add to their “Shoegazers Wet Dream” playlists, Pam Risourié is out here dealing out the real emotional catharsis you’re looking for. Keep your eye on the ball.

A harmonic whirr rises, patiently giving way to the nostalgic lament of a wistful synth. As the distant melody of an echo-drenched guitar phases in and out, you transport to a gray, rocky shoreline; you can practically feel the dewy breeze you’re hearing through the instruments. At this point, you’re just about 30 seconds into “You Are the Sound” from Days of Distortion, the new album from French darkgazers Pam Risourié, due out March 19th, 2023.

Pam Risourié are in it for the long haul, if only for their inherent need to create a world of their own through wraithlike sonic textures. “I think it’s not so much about a choice or a goal, rather than a visceral need, to create and make art. I don’t necessarily think that far, in terms of goals, because the act of creation requires to be anchored in the present, and is sometimes the only thing that makes you feel like you’re here.” The Parisian quintet has been roiling out their ethereal vision since 2019’s EP Rituals. Since then, they have been unstoppable in their commitment to blending niche genres of 90’s-era shoegaze with more contemporary post-rock persuasions.

The new album will see international vinyl/cassette release backed by Pyrrhic Victory Recordings (US), Icy Cold Records (FR), Stellar Frequencies (FR), and Araki Records (FR).

Gearing up for the release, the band put out their interpretation of Rihanna’s hit “Umbrella” in November:

On December 19th 2022, the album’s first single will be released via all digital platforms, which includes a captivating YouTube visualizer, celebrating a new era for this up-and-coming outfit of poignant songwriters, but luckily we have the exclusive for you here today at Big Takeover.

Other future plans include a recorded live session through French label Stellar Frequencies in February 2023 and a release party which has yet to be announced.