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Album Premiere: "Something From Nothing" by Chris Williams & Kid Reverie

1 March 2023

Photo Credit: Glenn Ross

Chris Williams’ and Kid Reverie’s (Steve Varney’s) ethereal new album Something from Nothing unfolds cinematically, their lyrical lens panning slowly across the musical universe and inviting us to peer with them into the vast expanse of human emotion. Their shimmering vocals, lush arrangements, and swirling instrumentation create an atmospheric sound that resembles the Beatles’ “Across the Universe” or George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass.”

The songs envelop us with warmth and comfort while at the same time peering into the corners of our souls, uncovering our loneliness, our desires, our bereavement, our capacity for loving beyond ourselves. Something from Nothing — the title perfectly captures the emergence of beauty from the dark void, the sun breaking through the fog—takes us on a journey, climbing through the sonic stratosphere with exhilarating elegance and revelatory wisdom.

Chris’ Quote
“This album means so much to me. It is the result of an improbable meeting of two people searching for something during a difficult time for the world. I am grateful for connecting with Steve, growing as a songwriter with his vast experience in music, our hours of conversation and the work we put into these 12 songs. It’s been an invaluable evolving experience that just keeps getting better with every step!”

Steve’s Quote
“I’m so glad this project came to be. For me, these songs will always represent a time when a pandemic made us all feel lost. I leaned heavily on the kindness of others, began teaching again, and was lucky enough to meet Chris through a webcam across the country. It has shifted my view of where songs can come from, and I’m proud of what we made together.”

Chris Williams · Something from Nothing (Final Masters)