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Album Premiere: wallow in the hollow. by Matt C. White

Matt_C_White_Dada Shikako
30 April 2018

Matt C. White; Photo Credit: Dada Shikako

Debut album wallow In the hollow. boasts 13 tracks so packed with singer-songwriter/musician Matt C. White’s soulful blues-rock and folk goodness that it will have you tapping your feet and clapping along. It’s easy to get lost in the acoustic-driven grooves and warm, emotive embrace of White’s voice.

It would seem that North Carolinian Matt C. White is constantly churning out music, whether he’s fronting, drumming, and/or playing guitar in Grandpa Jack, Dead Seconds, or Charles Ellsworth and The Coo. With the release of wallow In the hollow., however, the listener gets a glimpse into White’s mind and White’s mind only.

On paper it may sound simple to open an album with only an acoustic guitar and vocals, yet “Lie With Me” is a skillful, haunting tome that, from the start, displays White’s talents with acoustic instruments and vocal range. “Can’t Get Away” follows to build upon the foundation created by “Lie With Me” with a driving bass line and shuffling drum beat.

“Now And Then” seemingly switches gears, but don’t let the sun-drenched front porch appeal of White’s up-tempo finger-picking lull you into overlooking the contrasting bleak messages mixed throughout his lyrics. It’s at this moment in the album that one might start to get a solid glimpse into White’s abilities as a songwriter.

From the whimsy of “Oath” to the boot-stomping angst of “Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder,” or the chain gang cadence of “Lost On The Way”, each song stands on its own. Each song is discernibly different from any before or after, yet every one works together to serve the whole. It’s not just solid songwriting, it’s the stuff albums are meant to be made of.

White performed, recorded, produced, and mixed every track on wallow In the hollow., so every stomp, every clap, and every drunken slide guitar is pure Matt C. White.

‘wallow In the hollow. is available for purchase through White’s Bandcamp page, in addition to all the digital outlets including Spotify Page.