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Album Premiere: Who Are You Wearing? EP by The Lautreamonts

The Lautreamonts
5 September 2018

The Lautreamonts – Photo courtesy of The Lautreamonts

Brazilian post-punk duo The Lautreamonts’ debut record Who Are You Wearing? EP is out now both digitally and physically via Rio de Janeiro-based Efusiva Records. Martha F. and Hudson pay tribute to the Surrealistic book The Chants of Maldoror by Comte de Lautreamont with their band name, and also in their moody music that comes across like soundtracks to mysterious moments, but still with beauty beneath it all.

The title of the EP is a reference to the TV host Joan Rivers’ signature question on the Oscar’s red carpet, but also a reflection about how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen by others. Identity is actually the central topic of the EP.

Opening track “The Adequacy Waltz” delves into our desperate search for social acceptance, while the abrasive and jazzy “Drinksin+Truthsout” shows how we sometimes need a glass or two to tell some hidden truths.

Musically, Who Are You Wearing? is a mix of influences that goes from Middle Eastern music and post-punk to dream-pop, psychedelia, and more. Besides the basic guitar-bass-drum triad, you will hear a whole lot of instruments such as sitar, dulcimer, and several other unconventional string, wind, and percussion sounds.

The band is currently locked in the studio rearranging these songs for a remix EP and preparing for an upcoming tour by October/November.

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