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EP Premiere: Riot For Romance – Learning to Unburden Myself: Step One (Fair Vaux)

22 March 2024
L-R: Brett Miotti, Jason Hansen, and Kelly Nunn of Riot For Romance. Photo credit: Brian Manley

Denver-based rock trio Riot For Romance follow 2022’s self-titled debut with Learning to Unburden Myself: Step One. The new four-song EP will be available on cassette and digital formats as of Friday, April 5. The set’s arrival represents the first step toward the full-length vinyl release of Learning to Unburden Myself in September.
Riot For Romance creates a glorious racket of alternative rock, formed from a swirling confection of post-punk and shoegaze roots. Editor Jack Rabid has compared the layered guitars of Jason Hansen and Kelly Nunn to ’90s alt-rock heroes The Catherine Wheel in the printed version of The Big Takeover. The sound will appeal to fans of post-hardcore, emo, and alt-rock firebrands ranging from Sonic Youth to Narrow Head and Glitterer.

Today marks the premiere of the video for lead single “Sitting in View.” Hansen’s lyric describes the relatable experience of feeling like an outsider or invisible even in the midst of a crowd.

The band reveals another key influence with a reimagined version of Radiohead’s “Karma Police.” The song’s reverb-drenched guitars and ambient keyboard textures are tethered by the deep growl of Brett Miotti’s sturdy bass line.

In addition to “Sitting in View” and “Karma Police,” Learning to Unburden Myself: Step One features two more Riot For Romance originals. “Toxic and Tampered” veers toward the band’s heavier side, with Nunn’s booming drums, bone-crunching guitars, sharp shrieks of feedback, and Hansen’s keening vocal. Touchstones include purveyors of melodic alt-metal like Quicksand and Hum.

“This Way Comes (Something Wicked)” is a throwback to shoegaze a la Slowdive with watery guitars that echo The Autumns, Cocteau Twins, Echo and the Bunnymen. Hansen’s melancholy vocal describes the bitter end of a relationship that nearly went the distance. “Truth be told, we should never have bothered,” he sings with regret.

The band hits the road in early April for a string of dates supporting the EP:

Thursday, April 4: If I Brewed the World Brewery • St. Petersburg, FL
Friday, April 5: Workplay • Birmingham, AL with Unwed Sailer and Mae • Get tickets
Saturday, April 6: Aisle 5 • Atlanta, GA with Pacifico • Get tickets
Sunday, April 7: Springwater • Nashville, TN

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