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Les Biches Premiere "Shikotsuko" Video From 'The Mysteries' LP

7 May 2024

In 2011, shortly after the devastating tsunami on Japan’s eastern coast, Les Biches front man Keith Joyner found himself in a tiny resort town on the edge of Hokkaido’s Lake Shikotsu. As the sun set, day trippers scattered to the wind leaving behind an empty and eerie ghost town as much Twin Peaks as it was an excerpt from the magical realism of Haruki Murakami.

While the proprietor of the inn/café where Keith was lodging plied two inebriated young patrons with beer and sake, he recounted the ancient local legend of the lake. Many eons ago, a Dragon and his wife lived in peace by the lake until one day the dragon was confronted by the Deer King for ultimate supremacy of the territory. A vicious fight ensued that found the dragon defeating the Deer King only to tragically choke on his bones and descend to his death at the bottom of the lake for all eternity. Thus, the translation “Dead Bones Lake” from the Japanese Shikotsuko. Strangely, it’s difficult to find an accounting of the legend outside of the innkeeper’s own retelling.

Fast forward to 2024, and the tale has been loosely adapted by Keith and beautifully illustrated by the talented LA artist Kaitlyn Didi to accompany the song of the same name. The video was a family affair directed by Les Biches drummer Kevin Pinnt and edited by his son Noah Pinnt.

A pair of EPs and a slew of singles in, Les Biches, named for a Jaques Brel song as well as a 1968 French film, recently released the grand full-length The Mysteries showcasing the band’s unique blend of classic alt-art-guitar rock and outsized melodies. The band is comprised of Keith Joyner, Chris Candelaria, Dusty Starr and Kevin Pinnt.

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