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The Big Takeover Issue #92
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Song Premiere: "I Wish I Was You" (Twin Tribes remix) by Creux Lies

16 May 2023

There’s no question that the underworld of gothy/synthy/dark adjacent sound has risen from the crypt – illuminating the masses of the overworld with its modern interpretations. This latest dark decade-long tsunami has flooded the mass culture, tantalizing Wednesday worshipers and Eldritch elders alike. With this atramentous mass saturation occurring, it sometimes becomes tricky to part the waters toward the best of the currents. When I think of the best of the current era of this genre, Brownsville, Texas Super bats – Twin Tribes comes to mind.

When we sought out artists to help Creux Lies re-frame selected tracks from our 2022 release “Goodbye Divine,” Twin Tribes (with their legacy building attention to sonic witchcraft-like craftsmanship) easily made the shortlist. The re-fashioning of our post-punk/wave pop track, “I Wish I Was You,” could present some challenges for many artists based on our only ask for these remixes – “Give it a dance feel.” The original is a mid-tempo, bouncy, dynamic anthem. Joel and Luis didn’t disappoint by increasing the BPM of the original and adding that perfect amount of melodious sheen of shadow and sensation. They have captured an urgent type of vibe, which makes the track a noticeable departure from the original. Bedlam avoiding DJs will have people wiping the webs on fog-laden dancefloors very soon. Hail to the legends.

Exclusive Quote for Big Takeover:
“Twin Tribes really need no introduction to anyone in this scene. These juggernauts of darkness have brought some of the coolest and most tasteful aesthetics to the modern post-punk/goth world. We are lucky to call them friends and co-artists, and it was a delicious life moment to hear how they re-fashioned our “Goodbye Divine,” album track, “I Wish I Was You.” They didn’t disappoint, this remix will be a DJ favorite from this batch of remixes. By increasing the BPM of this track, they have captured an urgent type of vibe that will have people wiping the webs on fog laden dancefloors very soon. We fucking love you Joel and Luis.” – Ean Clevenger