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Song Premiere: "Something New" by JoobieSeaz

31 January 2023

Philosophy and art, as they often intersect, take on many mediums. I think a lot of consumers of art, especially in the “indie rock” sphere, often lean on a work’s experimental or “avant-garde” qualities as a gauge for how intellectual a piece is. Funny thing is, this regressive and conservative practice pollutes so-called independent outlets and stifles the critical thinking of music curators in the digital world. France’s JoobieSeaz are here today to let you know — artistic accessibility does not negate sophistication. Their newest single “Something New,” which drops February 3rd via New Jersey’s Pyrrhic Victory Recordings, is a case study. Big Takeover is stoked to bring it a few days early so you can hear for yourself.

Lola and Alex have been going strong, putting out quality hook-laden dreampop singles for the last couple of years, culminating in the release of “Pitch Black: The Singles” on PVR last year. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, they have woven potent melodies, subtle guitar layering, and a bouncy drum loop, and filtered it through Alex’s trademark hazy production to engage in a philosophical discourse on loneliness and the freedom it brings. “You must remember and not be deceived, you are always alone, and no one really needs you,” singer Lola shared on her inspiration for the new song. At her most forceful, her performance conjures memories of 90s-era Shirley Manson; at her breathiest, Bjork. “The song sounds like a mental disorder, like a bipolar disorder,” she adds, “not as a disease, but as a reminder of why we need to remain calm and self-sufficient.” It is this very juxtaposition between candy-coated melodies and Kierkegaardian existentialism that “Something New” lies, and we couldn’t be happier to present it to you today. Little do you know, you could be experiencing your own epiphany with this catchy and profound glimpse through JoobieSeaz’s artistic vision.

Pyrrhic Victory Recordings