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Video Premiere: "Center of Command" by Patrick Galactic

Patrick Galactic; Photo Credit: Sunita Martini
15 December 2016

Patrick Galactic; Photo Credit: Sunita Martini

Patrick Galactic has earned a reputation as a sophisticated lyricist and magnetic live performer. Weaving between genre lines in a quest for spiritual deliverance, uniting folk-Americana structures with contemporary electronic psychedelia, Galactic’s warm baritone and soaring melodies are painted with a lavish palette of textures. His work is ethereal and elegant with an unmistakable pop sensibility.

Galactic reveals the meaning behind his latest single, “Center of Command”, “Center of Command” abandons a scarred past for an uncertain future. My life felt like an existential country music cliché. I was divorced from my partner of 15 years. My grandmother died. My band broke up. Many things came to an end at once.”

As Chuck Stern, a writer at Break Thru Radio puts it, “Watching Patrick Galactic’s new video for “Center of Command” is like venturing into the past and meeting your younger, more bitter self. Its gorgeous, cascading visuals, supplied by John Theroux of Seattle’s CTPAK Film Crew, provide the perfect panorama for the song’s restrained and heartfelt pulse. Galactic swoons, conjuring the likes of Craig Wedren and Neil Young, as the crimson leaves surround him.”

Stern continues, “It is a maddening tunnel vision, overtaken by the double, who unexpectedly shifts the narrative and kicks older Patrick’s ass, giving the video a much-needed release. You can feel the hope drain, the shame flood his veins. You can feel the kid’s rage at a life steered beyond his control, and his desperate attempt to set it straight. This brilliant push and pull highlights the dangerous jazz below the song’s surface, the trembling psychedelia that gives rise to our predatory nature. It is a refreshing and, at times hilarious, glimpse into the fractured mind, and it all works to make Patrick Galactic a full-fledged and endearing human.”

“Center of Command” is the first single from Patrick Galactic’s EP, Running From The Sun, which drops December 2nd on CTPAK Records.

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