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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Video Premiere: "Running Through Chelsea" by Peter Daltrey

19 May 2023

From the musical minds of Peter Daltrey (of seminal British psych band Kaleidoscope) and Mark Mortimer comes “Running Through Chelsea”, a journey through sound and words. Combining mellotrons, baroque strings, sitars and Hammond organ with 12-string guitars, woodwinds, brass and rare folk instruments from Africa and Asia, this 50-50 collaboration is a lush widescreen collage of sonic alchemy. Dive into the future with this unique musical journey! Let this kaleidoscopic colour and light delight your ears – a soothing accompaniment to these troubled times.

Quote from Peter Daltrey: “Running through Chelsea…the song and the album was a pure joy to co-write with Mark. It gave me the opportunity to go way back and think about my time in Chelsea with my girlfriend, broke but optimistic about our future together. Those memories and the vibe from those years inspired much of the album, together with observations of our world today…and my fading time in it……”

Quote from Mark Mortimer: “As a life-long fan of that peculiarly idiosyncratic strand of British psychedelia and – in particular Kaleidoscope and Fairfield Parlour – it’s been an exciting and deeply loving experience but from the outset I was determined to avoid falling into the trap of trying to authentically re-create a sonic xerox of their past glories (which would have been impossible anyway). Instead, we have come up with a record that’s contemporary and has edgy moments alongside the more surreal and quixotic. It was great writing with Peter and felt so natural and so easy. We got into it full-on and very quickly so that we had all the songs written within a few weeks.”

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