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Skycabin: Flying high through multiple musical styles

21 January 2023

Skycabin – Photo for “Insidia” courtesy of Skycabin

Try putting Skycabin into one category and you’ll frustrate yourself to no end. You could call it alternative R&B, trip-hop, electro-pop or something else altogether and none of those guesses would be wrong. The two men that make up Los Angeles’ Skycabin prefer it that way.

They’ve dropped a number of singles over the past year, in anticipation of a larger scale release on the horizon. Their latest, “Insidia,” is also their greatest. It’s a song about seduction, inspired by Simone de Beauvoir’s book Ethical Seduction.

“Ethical seduction involves curiosity about the world as it is presented by someone else. It means risking your established worldview and self-understanding. This vulnerability is an invitation to rediscover our identity and to understand our evil,” says vocalist and lyricist Farbod Khoshtinat.

The animated visuals accompanied by the song depict the devil in paradise on a mission to seduce Eve.

Khoshtinat and Sepand Bahrami, (Skycabin’s writer, sound engineer and producer) are both of Iranian descent, but met in Malaysia 10 years ago. After they both moved to the United States in 2016, Farbod and Sepand decided on a more focused exploration of their musical journey, influenced by some of their favorite bands like Massive Attack, Radiohead, and Bjork.

Living as housemates in a house near San Francisco’s Airport, they created their music in a cabin facing the sky with airplanes passing by closely every 6 minutes. And inspired by that, they named their project Skycabin.

“Insidia” is out now. Look out for details on a new EP soon.