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A Shoreline Dream - Alarms Stop Ringing (Latenight Weeknight Records)

8 August 2022

Like most bands, A Shoreline Dream has been off the scene for a while with a pandemic timeout. But now they are back and with a new album, Loveblind, scheduled for next month they have dropped the single Alarms Stop Ringing to tease the crowd and test the water.

Falling between shoegaze intensity and dream-pop haze, between cavernous alt-rock and groovesome backbeats, between adventure and experimentation, “Alarms Stop Ringing” sees A Shoreline Dream in familiar territory. The only thing is that as they deal with the unfamiliar and the unexpected, as a matter of course, singing not to the gallery and happier to confound rather than conform, the term “familiar territory” doesn’t really mean that much.

But as always, to the broadminded rock fan, the discerning popster, the adventurous indie kid, and the champion of the underground music scene alike, A Shoreline Dream is a dream come true (pun intended). They take you places that you have been before, they turn the experience of music into a fever dream, they push boundaries, even the ones of their own making, and they offer a bright, and sometimes wonderfully shaded, new future for music in general for those switched on enough, for those open-minded enough, for those who want it enough.

That’s you and me, right?

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