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The Big Takeover Issue #92
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Dispel - Flames of Greed (self-released)

23 September 2022

Suppose music has the ability to build worlds. In that case, the one that Dispel is creating is dark and delicious, otherworldly, dangerous, populated by mystical beasts and exotic characters, magic, mayhem and mystery. And I, for one, like it. I like it a lot.

Musically, their building blocks are deft blends of alt-rock and goth, darkwave and lush neo-classical soundscapes. And as they use this to build the beguiling shape and structure of their world, they use the lyrics, narratives telling of demonic empresses, hellbound souls and epic quests to create its history and lore.

From the forthcoming album Inferno, “Flames of Greed” is part of a song cycle, a conceptual suite which follows in the footsteps of Dante and his guide Virgil as they pass through each of the nine circles of hell and encounter the torturers and tormented to be found there.

As with all of their work, Dispel acts as master storytellers and expert conjurers, using music as magic to take us far away from our realities and into the wonderous and diabolical realms of their own making.

And who would have thought you’d find a portal into hell in Cleveland, Ohio? Well, actually…

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