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Nimo & The Light - Don't Feed The Pigeons (Self-Released)

24 May 2019

New York’s Nimo & The Light have been playing around the city for a few years now, building a loyal following for their unique mix of ’70s art rock and ’80s alternative. They just released their debut album, Don’t Feed The Pigeons, and in many ways it seems the encapsulation of their progression from a solo project to a full-fledged band. Nimo Kally had previously released an EP under his own name titled Espresso River in 2013, but what was a sparse, part-folk part-indie rock affair has been replaced with a darker, moodier, and harder sound inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode, Radiohead, and David Bowie.

The lead single, “Skin to Skin” which about an affair between a rich woman and her bodyguard has a sinister, perverted element similar to the best lyrics from Martin Gore, and elsewhere the band often sounds like if Depeche Mode traded their synths for guitars. There’s a subtle murky, psychedelic tinge as well to songs like “Keeping ‘Em Honest” and “Morpheus” that is highly reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Nimo & The Light are clearly inspired by a disparate, wide-ranging group of influences, but it’s quite innovative how they take them all and combine them into something fresh and new, making Don’t Feed The Pigeons sound totally unlike anything else out there today.


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