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Resurrection Fern - Fern EP (Self-Released)

28 January 2020

Resurrection Fern is a singer-songwriter from the Nashville area, and she has recently released her new EP, simply titled Fern. It’s a startling shift from her debut album, Beyond The Trees, which had a larger, full-bodied sound. Instead, these songs reveal a more stripped back approach. The title is an apt one, because it’s a deeply personal and intimate record from the paired-down homegrown instrumentation to the lyrics which sound like one’s inner thoughts. Nevertheless, Fern has managed to make the internal and push it outward, producing a collection of songs which will immediately draw anyone it with their relatability.

The six songs may be modest in the way they introduce themselves, but that doesn’t stop them from sneaking up on you with a gut-punch of emotions. From the melancholic yet strident “Savanna” to “The Way That You,” a beautifully understated duet with Ub1k, there are touchstones by which Fern is clearly influenced, and yet she manages to produce a style of folk that is undeniably her own. Like Leonard Cohen, her songs have a winding, hypnotic appeal, but Fern doesn’t shy away from the emotions underneath her lyrics. Although smaller in stature than her debut, Fern is undoubtedly her greatest statement yet as a musician.