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Tanuki Project - Adamant _ CHAPTER#01 (Self-Released)

18 December 2021

No, this is not “Antmusic.” Adamant CHAPTER #01 is the new EP from Montreal electronic duo Tanuki Project. Influenced by Massive Attack and Bjork, it’s a collection of ethereal, atmospheric Downtempo that feels as dark and mysterious as it is strangely uplifting and passionate. It’s amazing what the group manages to achieve with a daring minimalism, and as each song unfolds and evolves, it creates a trance-like mood. The EP was recorded and produced entirely by members Legyl (music) and Nady (vocals), and in only four deceptively simple songs they have crafted an immersive experience that envelopes and hooks you with each listen.

This odd sense of optimism is immediately apparent on “Dystopia.” As Nady repeats the title in an impressionistic style reminiscent of Elizabeth Fraser, there is a feeling in the way she sings that the situation described isn’t entirely negative. Amongst all the awful things released from Pandora’s box, there remained a bit of hope, and therefore the anthemic final track “Hope” is a hungry rallying cry to fight for freedom. As with every song here, the duo utilized a lot of subtlety and restraint so nothing is ever fully clear one way or another, but there is undoubtedly a journey, some unconscious story that it takes the listener on, and only the second chapter can answer where it is headed.