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The Big Takeover Issue #86
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Yates And Delany - Lost And Found (Self-Released) 

6 November 2019

This is some passionately-injected work, classic sounds given a 21st century paint job to create unexpected and thrilling tracks that lift the spirits and capture them. Former Fields Of The Nephilim guitarist Peter Yates forges his style with neo-folk musician Andy Delany on a new three-track Ep titled Lost And Found. The pair have worked spectacularly well in the past, especially on the early nineties goth anchored project Rubicon. Of course two-years back the pair released an Ep with the added fuel of songstress Jo Beth Young in the No Country For Old Men Ep concept release. 

Opening with the seductive distortion of “Dice”, a riff straight out of the sixties which transforms into a stuttering powerhouse. Both aggressive and overwhelming, the guitar acts dramatically as it twists and turns to a pitch which would make the late Lou Reed (dare I say it!) smile. Slowing to “Memories”, a more atmospheric, at times even gentle track, with the vocals of Andy Delany breathing heartbreak of times gone. The final, “Set You Free” is a switch in pace again, the drones of feedback by Yates are awe inspiring, as the track staggers intensely along with a hypnotic beat providing as much narrative as the vocals. All colliding to create a splendor of fused styles, which will demand repeated visits. 

The only downside is the length, and the Ep is not a wide enough playground for these gentlemen to captivate their talents. Faithfully audiences will become attached to these songs very quickly, they act as a flare of artistic prowess in a world of mundane noise. 

3.Set You Free 

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