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Yuval Ron feat Úyanga Bold - Sacred Spiral (Metta Mindfulness Music)

27 April 2022

World music composer Yuval Ron has paired with vocalist Úyanga Bold and released a new spiritual album Sacred Spiral on Metta Mindfulness Music. The album is influenced partly by the philosophy of David Abram and has been created as a useful tool for meditation or yoga. The songs are deeply indebted to drone as well, and Ron uses a large cast of guest musicians playing everything from the sitar to the didgeridoo to create a collection of expansive and atmospheric compositions which have a way of subtly pushing the listener’s subconscious to a state of greater calm.

The opening track is “Ethereal Voyage” and ethereal just might be the best possible word to describe this entire album. The songs seem to vanish as gently as they arrived, but they leave a trail of distinct sensations behind, and according to the artist the music here is about healing; believing that music can have medicinal qualities. Indeed, “Water of Forgiveness” seems to wash over the listening with a soothing embrace, while the final track “Deep Earth Chant” taps into some deep primeval part of the brain. What the artists attempt to achieve on Sacred Spiral is a lot, but listen to any of the songs and it’s clear they come extremely close to the sublime.