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A Shoreline Dream - Everything Turns Ft. Mark Gardener (Latenight Weeknight Records)

16 May 2024

First impressions matter. There are no second chances in that department. So, as a first taster of their forthcoming eighth album, Whitelined, A Shoreline Dream has hooked up with none other the Ride frontman Mark Gardener and as first impressions go, it’s second to none.

I should imagine that the towns of Barnum, Colorado and Oxford, UK, the respective bases of both parties, have very little in common, but that is the glorious thing about music: it has little to do with where you find yourself physically and everything to where you are creative. “Everything Turns” is where their worlds meet.

Ride and A Shoreline Dream fans will find lots to love here: a shimmering dream state sound, a gentle slice of shoegazing, an elegant indie odyssey, hazy harmonies, and warm vocal vibes. Plus, the song really has something to say, but considering who is involved, we wouldn’t have expected anything less.

“Everything Turns’” message is simple yet poignant. The more we connect with technology, the more alone we find ourselves in the real world. Social media, it would seem, is anything but.

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