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Brandon Grant - Knowing (self-released)

9 July 2024

Songs often impart their most important message through their lyrics, but sometimes, another, less tangible lesson is presented to the listener. And so it is with “Knowing”, the latest single from Cape Town-based singer-songwriter Brandon Grant. As he reached the end of the process of writing the songs that would soon make up his debut album, and not altogether happy with some of the later attempts, he assumed that the creative juice was all used up and he should draw a line under things. But something told him that he should try to squeeze out one more song, and the result was “Knowing,” which is not only a great song but a worthy title track for the album to come, too.

And even when you take this delicate, indie-folk ballad at face value, all is not as it seems. If its deft and delicate ways suggest that this is a standard love song, dig a little deeper and realise that the most important aspect of the message is the one that looks inward, do that and the song reveals itself as a song of self-discovery and reflection.

It’s a lovely sonic creation, one that floats on gentle beats that create an understated flow for acoustic guitar and chiming piano, hazy and heavenly sonic washes, and his sweet and sensitive vocal delivery.

It’s a song with many musical and lyrical layers, profound messages and clever blends of tones and textures. And if this song alone doesn’t make you immediately make a note to buy the album as soon as it is humanly possible, perhaps music is not for you after all.