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Deep Dive Species - Penultimate (OMNINORM)

10 May 2024

Most bands that have a significant impact on you tend to do so when you are young and more receptive to new sensations and sounds. It is rare that such a thing happens to you later in life. I don’t know, perhaps we are more cynical, jaded, and guarded in our tastes, but new music tends to find a place in our inner sanctum of sensory delights with increasingly less regularity as we age.

That is why, after only a handful of encounters, I am so wonderfully surprised to notice the effect that Deep Dive Species has had on me. Not only is their music so mercurial and marvellous, but it is also unique in its sound, even when playing with well-known cinematic sonic forms – ambient soundscaping, post-rock devolutions, wide-screen cinematics and the like.

“Penultimate,” the new single, has got me again! A blend of chiming and circular guitar cascades running over glitchy beats and propulsive bass pulses, slowly evolving into washes of shimmering synth sheens, of floating atmospherics and drifting soundscapes.

It isn’t what Deep Dive Species does more the way that they do it, to recall an adage. By this I mean that it isn’t always the individual tracks that stand out but more the way that they approach music making altogether. It is not so much their individual songs that you visit but their complete musical world, the tracks being merely a key through that door.

That said, “Penultimate” is a gorgeous track in its own right, but its importance may lie more in what further delights it promises than the experience you have whilst it passes over your senses.