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Deerhoof - The Magic (Polyvinyl)

28 July 2016

Deerhoof is coming up on 20 years of existence. Over that chunk of time they have touched on everything that makes rock music such a lovely thing; slashing guitars, endless melody, oddball oddity, and pure invention. Their newest The Magic will be no surprise to longtime fans but that doesn’t mean it won’t radiate your aura like other Deerhoof records do.

“Life Is Suffering” is pure Deerhoof. John Dieterich and Satomi Matsuzaki sync up to create a post-hippie, art version of classic rock. “Model Behavior” is borderline funk with heavy synth tendencies. “Acceptance Speech” is just wonderful. A grower compared to other tracks but a killer nonetheless that must completely smoulder live.

The Magic is an album by a great American band that both embodies and defies everything that came before them. God bless Deerhoof and God bless The Magic.