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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Giack Bazz - The Moon Is Painted (Omikami)

4 March 2024

In a world where, for many, music has been reduced to a vehicle for a whistle-stop journey with a final destination of fame, fortune and celebrity, it is heartwarming to find Giack Bazz, an artist who not only understands the form as a platform for having something important to say, but who has explored the idea of releasing music in such a way that it begins to pull the rug out from under the feet of the streaming platform payment system. A veritable Robin Hood for the digital age, indeed.

Ahead of his fifth album Just A Little Bit More Famous he gives us “The Moon Is Painted,” a clever slice of indie-rock that follows a brilliant dynamic path from spacious understatement to sonic crescendos, straight-forward deliveries to the glitchy sound of the song collapsing under its weight; a cool blend of the sublime with the ridiculously potent. (Man, this music makes me write long sentences that reflect how much there is packed into every musical move and sonic element.)

For those just looking for a neat song, “The Moon is Painted” is undoubtedly a nice balance of accessibility and nuanced experimentation, ambitious arrangements and satisfying sonic returns. But it is more than that too. Lyrically profound, well, meaningful and eloquently expressed at least, musically willing to mess with the form – pausing when you expect the song to power through, careering into odd realms when you expect only subtle interludes – and drapped in oddly beguiling vocals and spiralling hooks.

Strange and seductive, a sound that tetters between the familiar and the exotic, which are really attractive opposites to find in the same song.