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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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The Avelons - Chit Chat (self-released)

2 March 2024

It seems that in an effort to create new genres and forge yet-untrodden musical paths, many bands have forgotten that there is nothing wrong with merely working within the tried and tested genres that we already have. While others are trying to fuse and invent new sounds like musical Dr Frankiensteins in midnight sonic laboratories, the smart bands realise that genres like rock and indie, and even pop, have plenty of miles lifted in them. The Avelons are one of the smart bands.

Not for them convoluted sonic contortions in search of some unnecessary new form. As “Chit Chat” eloquently and elegantly proves, if you take the right amounts of indie swagger, rock groove and pop infectiousness, you can create a fantastic sound.

So, let’s be clear: I’m not saying that “Chit Chat” sounds dated, far from it, but it is easy to see the traditions that they work with. And why not? Those traditions have all served as well thus far.

“Chit Chat” sits at the cutting edge of the contemporary music story, a perfect balance of the fresh and the familiar, a wash of shimmering hooks and swaths of incendiary guitar salvos, ebbing and flowing between verse-space and chorus-crescendo, a master class in the lift and the fall, the build-up and the breakdown, deftly wrought and decisively delivered.

The Avelons might make music with a clear connection to the past, but it is where they are headed, and that is the only thing that you need to worry about.