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Immortal Technique – The Martyr (Viper)

13 November 2011

When it comes to hip-hop MC’s these days, the top tier is a really short list. As the genre has devolved away from its core principals, Peruvian-born Immortal Technique has never lost the mission. The message and production of The Martyr isn’t ultimately coherent because it’s a mixtape recorded over a period of time. There are some tracks that make sense that they weren’t included on any album because their samples are too poppy (“Eyes In The Sky,”). The fact that there are such obvious, almost Girl Talk choice of samples on “Angels & Demons,” (uses the Aerosmith “classic”, “Dream On,”) and “Young Lords,” (Bon Jovi‘s “Runaway”, really?). “Goonies Never Die”, in particular, is a very uncharacteristic track but is extremely enjoyable with all of the movie references and even use of strings from the original score. “Civil War,” kicks off a strick off more typical politically charged tracks as it kicks off with an MLK speech and features an ever solid appearance by the legend Chuck D.

All in all, it’s important to keep your expectations in check since this is a mixtape because Immortal Technique’s LPs are usually lazer precise and scathing. And while The Martyr is certainly a big departure, it is hardly a throwaway. His talent is so much greater than most hip-hop artists that even his leftovers are better than those artists’ singles.

Very good release and to make things even better, it is available to download for free. Let it never be said that Immortal Technique isn’t a man of the people.