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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Joanna Pearl - Love Her (ft. Mai Bloomfield)

5 June 2023

There are few better sources of inspiration than a drive down the coastal highways of California. Such trips can be fun, joyous, and even life-affirming. And, as memorable as such an experience might be, most people aren’t then driven to write a song about it. I guess that Joanna Pearl isn’t most people.

“Love Her” is the result, a jaunty yet deep and meaningful song inspired by the blend of beautiful vistas and humankind’s mark on the land, by the unspoiled backdrops, and by the encroaching urbanization and industry. And, as the song reminds us, it is up to us to find the right balance, and show more respect for the landscapes that we change and, all too often, spoil. It is up to us to show respect and restraint, to see the bigger picture, and to remember that we are here for the long haul and have to live with the long-term consequences of our short-term actions.

And the cool thing about “Love Her” is the way that it combines deep and meaningful messaging with joyous and fun riffs and grooves, the sweeping classical grace of Mai Bloomfield’s cello with the charming, chiming plucking of ukelele strings. It is a song of opposites that attract perfectly.

If you are going to spread the word and raise a voice of concern about the effects of our ongoing encroachment into the green spaces and the natural beauty of the world, our effect on the vital ecosystems, and finely balanced biospheres, then this is precisely how to do it. The song is infectious enough for those just looking for an engaging and energetic tune but for those happy to dig a little deeper, read the lyrics, and even between the lines, there is a gentle warning, a timely reminder, and something really important to think about.

Pop and poignancy, musical elegance and lyrical eloquence, now that is a heady and effective combination.