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Love Ghost x Wiplash - Left on Read (self-released)

14 November 2023

Man, I gotta confess, I had to dust off the urban dictionary just to decode the damn title – “Left on Read.” Yes, I’m old, get over it. Essentially, it’s about getting the cold shoulder, that digital limbo where your message shows that it has been read, but your recipient ain’t botherin’ with a reply. Now, that makes sense ‘cause the vitriol pouring out of Finnegan Bell’s lyrics is palpable, and then some. It’s thicker than molasses.

Love Ghost always had this knack for unravelling the threads of youthful existence – love’s sweet sting, the gut-punch of loss, the ache of unfulfilled desire. But with “Left on Read,” it’s a raw, unfiltered rage. Come on, man, show some decency, shoot back a damn reply instead of leaving him dangling in the void.

Collaboration’s always long been their thing, and this time, they’ve hitched up with Wiplash, delivering a pop-punk piece that hits you square in the gut. Explosive energies and emo-laden poetics, it’s a sonic journey that pushes them beyond the generic boundaries of the alt-rock and grunge roots that they were forged in. The rage suits them, tearing down walls, letting them wander the sonic wilderness beyond their comfort zone.

Now, don’t let the term “pop-punk” fool ya. Yeah, it’s got the pace and purpose, the pulsating energy, but with rap-infused breaks, dynamic breakdowns, and a nod to the old college rock/indie scene’s play with on/off loud/quiet volume dynamics, it’s smarter than your average band in this genre. These guys are pushing limits, exploring beyond the generic boundaries.

I’ve been penning odes to these cats for a hot minute now, and let me tell ya, they’re not just treading water – they’re hitting waves, riding high on a sonic swell. Strength to strength, my friends. Strength to damn strength.