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Lusitanian Ghosts - The Long Train (European Phonographic)

12 April 2023

As a first taste of the new album to come, the cunningly titled Lusitanian Ghosts III, “The Long Train” does its job perfectly. If an advanced single is put out to act as a teaser and a taster and to test the water, to sow a seed of intrigue and urge in the potential buyer, to entice the music fan in and hold them entranced with sonic seduction, then “The Long Train” succeeds on all counts.

Who, when faced with its acoustic delicacy, its spaciousness and atmosphere, the emotional journey it takes between gentle refrains and more punchy sonics, its life-affirming lyrics and celebratory nature, wouldn’t want an entire album of such music?

The real joy of this Portuguese-Canadian-Swedish band (not another one, I hear you cry) is the players’ ability to take ancient instruments, those more often in the modern age consigned to folk music museums, and use them to make music of the here and now. To plant echoes of the past in today’s songs to create the music of the future. How cool is that!

And the real joy of “The Long Train” is its message. Listen closely, and you will hear a message of life and love, a song celebrating freedom, celebrating life, celebrating the act of setting yourself free so that you may reach that transcendental level of commitment that only comes with true love. And something about storks!

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