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Marky Wildtype - Tell Me Again (self-released)

2 March 2024

Music is at its best, in my opinion, when it mixes and matches styles, when it is exploratory and truly creative; after all, who wants to hear more of what we have already had when you can hunt out more adventurous types who are creating new sounds and styles, genres and musical paths?

But even amongst such a rarefied bunch, Marky Wildtype still manages to stand out because of songs such as “Tell Me Again.” This new single sounds like the result of a hard rock band taking on musical theatre, a blend of vaudeville narrative and bass-heavy groove, infectious and inciteful vocal deliveries and musical dynamics that run from intense grinding grunge-fests to subtle synth interludes.

As you listen to the song, you can almost picture a performer strutting and strolling the stage, playing to the galleries, teasing and taunting the audience, delivering the song to the theatre cognoscenti as the opening number of the third act of an underground production. It is bold and bombastic but also full of the requisite deftness, attitude and swagger required of the form.

It comes as no surprise to find Marky providing buzzsaw guitar for The Jig Show a band that blends heavy rock and alt-folk via an array of traditional folk instruments. Only someone who understands the power of such fantastic fusions could envision a song like “Tell Me Again.” Not only envision it but pull it off with such aplomb. Let’s raise a glass to aplomb!