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Marky Wildtype - Tomorrow (self-released)

12 June 2024

Songs are written for many reasons, but one of the best is as a moment of catharsis; a way of putting your feelings down on paper, especially when speaking them out loud seems too difficult. “Tomorrow” is precisely that sort of song. There are times when words fail, when the moment isn’t right to have that conversation, and all you can do is say, I’ll see you tomorrow; we’ll talk things out then.

Being a songwriter, Marky Wildtype has the advantage of taking those challenging scenarios and impossible conversations and finding an outlet through music. And hence, “Tomorrow,” a song that encapsulates such difficult and unspoken moments, not only eloquently done but also wonderfully self-referential…“You wanted a happy song, I’m trying, but I don’t think this is it”.

And as carefully crafted as the lyrics are, as deep and meaningful as its sentiments may be, the musical structure is the charm for me. Starting in his familiar alternative-folk acoustica place, Marky exquisitely adds sonic weight and wraps the song in additional tones and textures as it reaches its destination. These sonic touches are initially delicate and finessed, with only minor motifs and additional inclusions joining the ride. Finally, it bursts into an anthemic rock realm to drive itself over the line, the last third of the song marked by snarling guitars and squalling walls of sound rising to stratospheric sonic crescendos.

I love what Marky Wildtype does. For me it’s that ability to start with very little and add precisely what the song needs, no more, no less. In the case of “Tomorrow,” it just happens to be a whole more lot of the more and slightly less of the less!