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Melee Fairy - Stoner Boi (self-released)

10 July 2024

If you want to read anything into the name Melee Fairy it has, perhaps, something to do with opposites attracting. If the word melee is synonymous with words such as battle and fight and a fairly is a delicate, magical and mythical creature, this juxtaposition says much about their music, reflecting their blend of robust rock grooves and more soul-infused grace. At least, that’s what I got out of it.

As the song beats an alternative yet accessible path forward, it isn’t hard to think of bands such as Garbage when the music is playing the pure rock card and even Skunk Anansie, especially when Moxii’s vocals head into more ethereal and drifting realms. And as far as I’m concerned, reference points don’t come much better than that.

Even though it is easy to see this as just another rock song, “Stoner Boi” is doing some clever things, walking some fine lines. It is a balancing act between rock drive and pop accessibility. Between more soulful deliveries and sassy grooves. Between raw riffs and more graceful vocal creations.

What, after all, is music without soul? What is rock without groove? What is pop without grace? What is sonic art without real heart? Listen to the music of Melee Fairy, and you will never have to consider such questions again.


Melee Fairy · Stoner Boi